Period Picker - a easy to use jQuery period picker plugin


  • 2012/04/09 : v 1.1 compatible with 1.7.x !
  • 2010/08/03 : Release of v 1.0

Quick demos

No preloaded date

With a preloaded period

Hey, what's that ?

This is a period picker that will enable you to simply add a two dates selectors on any website using jQuery (and if you're not it's a good reason to start).

Do you (only) speak english ?

The original version is a complete English version but I'm working on some translation and you just have to change two lines of the javascript file to adapt it to your language (there are already a lot of translations available on the dedicated page).

The plugin is set to work with american date format (YYYY/mm/dd) but you can add your own easily by editing a few lines in the script (see Documentation to read about this).

How much is it ?

A looooot ! Or... Well nothing at all. I like the second option better, don't you ?

However, if you want to support me for the work done here, you will find a paypal donate button on the download page and a Flattr button on top of every page.

Can I try ?

Of course you can try it ! I assumed it was your reason for coming here so I added two demos on this page ! Check out just a little higher, I'm sure you can figure out which block I'm talking about...

And if you were able to figure that out, I'm sure you'll succeed in installing it on your website, because both tasks are as easy.

Anything else to declare ?

Well, part of the work done on this plugin has been done in the context of my work so I guess I should also give them some credit : Thank you AMJ Groupe for providing me such a good job and allowing me to publish some of the work I do occasionaly.

What now ?

Seriously ? You've read all of this ? Well I guess you deserve to download the plugin so either go check its functionnality on the demo page, download it to see if it fits your needs or read the documentation to take a tour of all the features included...

That's all folks !


Based upon Jonathan Leighton's date input
Fresh updates by Paul Da Silva

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